About Quiz-Club

Quizzes are great fun. Whether you take part in them on a regular occasion, when you’re out with friends, or if you like to make your own. There are some great quizzes and competitions online that we want you to have at your fingertips, so that’s why we created Quiz-Club!


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Quiz Club is a free to join online club for everyone with an interest in quizzes. On the Quiz-Club website, you can find a range of online quiz’s, quizzes you can download, as well as any other online recommendations that we have for you.

By joining the Quiz-Club you’ll be able to share your experiences, share tips and tricks, share any new quiz questions that could be featured, as well as share your knowledge.


Share your experiences

We would love to hear from you, if you have any quiz related information you would like to share, please contact us.



Quiz-Club is just one of the clubs we manage. Our other clubs are; The Gardeners Club, Travellers Club, Homeowners Club, Motorist Club, Netoffers Club, Lifestyle Club and Vino Club. All of our clubs are free to join.